Chinese Investment in overseas property has grown from US $600m in 2009 to $33 billion in 2016 and is predicted to reach a staggaring $220 billion by 2025. This is despite China’s attempts to stem the flow of capital outside of the country.

Chinese investors look to build global property to diversify wealth into different assets, protect generational wealth, balance economic instability in China with a financial ‘safe haven,’ for future migration opportunities and to seek superior educational opportunities for their children.

Although it is a misconception that China blocks it’s citizens from investing offshore, it’s important to remember many Chinese investors have significant offshore portfolios already.

If you are a property investor and looking to target Chinese Investors, WeChat is a must.


Why market your properties to Chinese investors on WeChat?

    • Share key investment information in Chinese
    • Support Chinese agents with the collateral they need to sell your properties
    • Give investors marketing material they can view in China (most websites are blocked)
    • Build your brand perception and trust with Chinese investors
    • Establish a direct communication channel to investors

How to market to Chinese investors with WeChat

The best way to attract Chinese investors is to publish your key investment information to WeChat. We recommend sharing your investment pack, market research, information on the local area, posts about schools, hospitals and transport links, your credentials, the quality of your past developments and properties and the vision for your current property/development.

Share key investment information with buyers

With the WePost plan, we recommend creating a post on each topic, uploading the content to WeTools for translation and scheduling weekly posts. When your posts are live, you can easily get the links from WeTools (or the WeChat app) to share to all agents working on your project.


Enhance Channel Agent Campaigns

By giving your agents Chinese marketing messages, it helps them seal the deal with their clients, arming them with the information their clients will need to choose your property over other investment opportunities.

Build Trust with Chinese Investors

Trust is important, with many developers in China having reputations for bad quality developments. Posting regularly on WeChat allows investors to get to know your brand and your credentials as a reputable developer.


Your Own Branded Account

Your content isn’t going on a real estate portal, but is published to your own branded account. Build followers and engagement for your brand, not someone else’s.

Grow your audience and brand in China

Run WeChat advertising campaigns to build your brand and following.


Control your messaging

Eliminate the risk of agents communicating incorrect information about pricing, incentives or inclusions. Take complete control of all Chinese messages in-market.

No agency required

WeTools is a simple, easy platform where you can use your existing content, information and creative, instead of having to bring yet another agency. Manage it easily in-house, or pass on WeChat specs to your creative agency to put all your collateral to good use. Our translators will package your information into high quality content that resonates in the Chinese market.


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