If you’re running social media, content or lead generations campaigns for your clients, chances are you’ve been asked before if you can help them market on WeChat. You might have even started researching whether WeChat marketing could provide an additional revenue stream for you. 

If you’ve begun that journey, it’s likely you’ve encountered a few challenges along the way:

  • How to get WeChat accounts for your clients
  • The complexity of using the WeChat platform
  • Understanding WeChat reports and data
  • Finding a reliable partner to translate, write content or manage accounts, at a reasonable cost
  • Making the financial side stack up

Are you a Marketing Agency with clients that want to target a Chinese audience?


    WeTools is designed to make WeChat marketing easy for any marketer, especially agencies managing clients.

    With WeTools you can:

    • Easily create WeChat accounts for each of your clients
    • Translate the existing content you are creating for (or with) your clients, and publish to WeChat
    • Have complete workflow and timeline control – no chasing contractors for work
    • Provide clear, simple, well-designed reports
    • Bring in a new revenue stream, with our low cost tools
    • Offer a marketing channel most of your competitors won’t have
    • Choose how you want to price the service to your customers

    WeTools Features

    Built In Translation

    Write or upload content, click the translate button, and our 100% human, NAATI certified translators will convert your post to Chinese. All translations have a maximum 72 hour turnaround but are usually complete within 24 hours (on business days).


    Download Translations

    You’ll be able to download your translated content, in a line-by-line format to easily use across other marketing channels or to offer translated creative to your clients.

    Easily Manage Traffic

    When you submit a post for translation, you will have a guaranteed turnaround of 24-72 hours. You’ll be able to log in any time and see the status of your posts and translations, and when they are ready, choose when to publish it. This allows you to easily manage your client’s expectations and have complete control and visibility of deliverables and timelines.


    Auto Post to WeChat

    When each translation is ready, schedule or publish it to post automatically to your client’s WeChat account. You can give your client a preview in WeChat, to see exactly how the post will look before publishing.

    Flexible Invoicing

    Need to submit per-post invoices to your clients, mark up the costs or divide your subscription across clients? Let us know your invoicing requirements and we’ll do our best to accommodate.


    Post Designer

    Add bespoke creative and designs using the html post designer - from images to brand colours. Plan the exact layout, and add extra value for your clients.

    Enquiry Interpreter

    All enquiries are translated back and forth by our translation team, so you can either manage messages for your clients, or give them login access to manage their own sales enquiries.


    Measure and Report

    Built-in, live reporting lets you track and measure performance, and provide beautiful reports to your clients.

    Account Set Up

    WeTools provides an affordable managed service to set up verified accounts for your clients, or we can train you to set up accounts on behalf of your clients, for another service to add to your repertoire.


    Grow your client’s brand and followers

    Build your client’s audience with our advertising tools. Boost any post in a few clicks to target audiences you can define, for more engagement and increased followers. Our advertising team will work with you to set up the best audience targeting for each client, so you can boost your content whenever you need to.

    Automated Real Estate Listings

    If you’ve got clients in real estate, our WeList product allows you to simply drop in the link of an existing listing, and we’ll translate and post it to their account.


    Integrated marketing

    We'll help you integrate WeChat with your other active marketing channels to drive engagement and followers across all media.

    Whitelabeling and multi-account login - coming soon!

    We’re currently building a multi-account agency login, so you can manage all your accounts in one place. You’ll be able to brand the platform and reports with your own logo, give clients access to live reports and translated enquiries, and customise how you bill your customers - including adding your own markup.


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