One of the most common questions we get asked, is how to resent a WeChat password. Because WeChat is all linked to your mobile phone, it’s really easy!


Here are instructions for a few common scenarios:

  1. Logging in to your personal account
  2. When you haven’t logged into WeChat for ages and need to reactivate your account
  3. Finding the password for your Official Account
  4. Recovering an Official Account if a past employee or external agency set it up

This process was correct as at October 2019, but is subject to change (usually for the better to make it easier).

Resetting your personal WeChat password

If you’ve lost your personal WeChat password and want to reset it, WeChat has a built in SMS reset. As you used your mobile number to set up your account, simply request an SMS code. Here’s how it looks:

Tap ‘Log in via SMS verification code

Then click ‘send’

A window will pop up with an image asking you to slide a puzzle piece into it’s place. This is to prove you are not a robot. This popup can be slow, so wait for it to populate and don’t close the window:

When you’ve used the slide to move the piece from left to right (don’t worry about the Chinese language on the page) you’ll get a success message:

Next you will be sent an SMS code. Enter the code, and you can reset your password.


If you signed up via an email address, you can also reset your password that way. Simply click ‘unable to log in’ at the bottom of the page and a menu pops up that enables you to reset via email:

If you still can’t log in, there are further features available to contact WeChat and recover your account.

Recovering your account

You can recover an account by asking your friends to verify you. This is a great option if, for example, you set up an account a few years ago but haven’t used it in a while. You’ll need to navigate to the WeChat Security Center by clicking ‘More Options’ at the bottom of the login page.

You can also find your WeChat ID if you don’t remember it, with the Account Recovery tool

Resetting the password for an Official Account

If you’ve forgotten the password to your Official Account, this is also an easy setup.

When you go to to log in, click the ‘Forgot login info’ button:

If you’ve just forgotten your password, choose the option with the blue icon on the right:

You’ll be asked to verify a Captcha code to prove you are not a robot, then will be emailed a password reset link.

Recovering an account when you’re not an admin

If you’re not an account admin, for example if a past employee or agency set up your WeChat account, you can go through an account recovery process to reclaim your WeChat account.

When you click ‘forgot details’ at, this time click the green icon on the left:

From there, you will need to submit full documentation to show your company owns the WeChat account. This should be the same information you used to get the account in the first place:

The Company name should be the full business name on your business certification, the licence number will be your ABN or ACN (if in Australia), the ID card number should be your Passport ideally, or driver’s licence number. Try to match it to what was used in setting up the account. Ideally, the personal ID used will be one of a listed company director or signatory on the business registration document.

You’ll need to transfer a requested amount to Tencent to verify your bank account, which will then be refunded to you.


Someone from Tencent (company that owns WeChat) will contact you. This will make the process easier, as you’ll be able to call/email an actual representative to assist.

You can still recover an account if a past employee has set it up but left, but we recommend ensuring that the initial admin of an account is a company director, so they are always able to access the account. Multiple users can be added to the account, so agencies, contractors, employees and more can use it an post, but ultimately you want to avoid being in a situation where a business relationship ends or an employee leaves, and you no longer have control over your account.


While we’re unable to reset your WeChat password for you (you’ll have to follow Tencent’s process and contact them for that), we can assist our clients who have already added us to their accounts, or anyone that would like to set up an account with our help. Email [email protected] or call 1300 461 194 if you’d like help with managing or setting up your WeChat account.