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WeTools has two core products. WePost allows businesses to manage and post any content on WeChat, with built in translation. WeList is for Real Estate Agencies to automatically post and translate listings, at a per-listing fee.

Need more? Our extras include managing your WeChat account application and advertising services.

Plans Extras
Have any questions? Contact Us.
$199 + GST per month
+ $0.30 per word for (optional) translation
  • Unlimited posts
  • Built in translation
  • Message Interpreter
  • Reports Included
$199 + GST per Listing
For posting real estate listings
  • Vendor-Paid
  • Built in translation
  • Message Interpreter
  • Reports Included
  • >
Account Set Up
$1000 + GST*
Have our team set up your account
Our team will manage your account setup for you. Includes your first WeChat Annual Fee. You will need to pay $99USD to WeChat from your second year onward. Note this is an optional extra service: you can set up your own account (see FAQs below)
From $399 + GST
WeChat advertising campaigns
  • Promote your listing or post
  • Target your audience
  • Custom Advertising Strategy
  • Ad Management & Optimisation


How long do translations take?

We guarantee translations will be completed within 72 hours, but we aim to have them completed within 24 hours (on business days). We recommend allowing extra time if you think you might have revisions or edits.

How do I know the translations are correct?

We know it can be tough for marketers not to give a final proof read of content! However, we’ve worked hard to recruit and train a team of highly qualified translators, and put the right process in place to give you confidence in your marketing messages.

All of our translators are NAATI certified, native Chinese speakers living and working in Australia. This gives our translators the best combination of understanding both the Chinese market and current trends, and also understanding what marketing messages you are trying to get across.

Every translation is reviewed by a second translator, to give you confidence there will be no errors. 

It’s important to note that in Chinese, there are many ways to say things, and many regional differences. We encourage you to have your translations independently reviewed (especially when getting started) to ensure you are happy with them and give you confidence to use WeTools. However, we’d suggest asking anyone to review to clearly delineate if any suggestions are pure corrections of mistakes or simply preferences of writing things in different ways or regional dialects.

How do I know my content is going to be right for the Chinese market?

We don’t just translate, but we also localise your content. Our translators are proficient WeChat marketers themselves, and work hard to ensure the intentions of your writing and marketing messages come through in the post. Our translators don’t just give a word-for-word translation, but will ensure they are crafting great marketing materials for you, that land with your target audience.

We’re also happy to work with you from the beginning to help shape your content strategy, including suggesting the kind of content you should post to promote your brand in China.

How does the account setup process work?

To set up an Official WeChat Account for your business, you’ll need to apply directly to WeChat.

First, the account is created online in your business name, then it must be verified. To verify your account, you must fill out and sign a verification form with your business name and WeChat account ID number, then submit documentation that confirms you are authorised by your business to set up the account, confirms your identity, and that you are the owner of your phone number.

WeChat has a number of different partner companies in China that perform this verification process. While overall the process is usually the same, each company has slightly different requirements and it is very common that after submitting your documentation, the verification company comes back and requests amendments to your documentation. Common amendments are:

  • Signing your business certificate
  • Resubmitting your name in the exact format (including capitalisation or adding a middle name) as your ID
  • Emailing your company’s customer service email address to verify you work for the company
  • Sending a photo of your business card.
  • Confirming you hold the trademark or have permission to use your brand name (especially for Franchise businesses or those whose trading name is not the same as their registered business name)

It is highly recommended that you register your account in the name of a director of the business who is listed in publicly available company searches. This person does not need to manage WeChat day-today – once verified you can add additional account administrators.

When you sign up for WeTools, our onboarding team will manage this process for you, to ensure your application is approved as quickly as possible and make sure you have all the right documents in the right formats.

What type of WeChat account can I have?

At present, international businesses that are not registered in China are only allowed to have a ‘Service’ account. Any international businesses that hold a ‘Subscription’ account are in breach of WeChat’s terms and conditions. Further, the account will be registered under another business name, which clearly shows on your profile, and it also shows your business is not verified. This makes it hard for Chinese consumers to trust your business.

If you have purchased an account from another business, be aware that the other business is the ultimate owner, and can at any time take back control of your account, and WeChat will not be able to help should you wish to dispute it.

What documentation do I need to set up an account for my business?

To set up a verified WeChat account as an international business, you’ll need to upload images of:

  • A business registration certificate – the official certificate in your country confirming you are the owner
  • Your ID – front and back
  • Your last 3 phone bills – you need the pages that show both your name (or business name) and your phone number
  • If you are not a Director of your company, you many also need to provide a supporting letter from a Director of the business that shows you have permission to set the account up on behalf of the business.

You may be asked for further information by the company assigned by WeChat to verify your account. 

Why do I need so much documentation to get verified by WeChat?

The documentation provided allows WeChat to verify that you are in fact the owner (or authorised representative) of the business. This is important as WeChat account names must be unique. It helps prevent people from setting up accounts in the name of businesses they do not actually own or work for, or blocking businesses from being able to set up accounts in their own name. 

This minimises fraud, stops businesses from passing off as you and gives consumers confidence they are dealing with the official business.

Can I set up an account myself?

Yes, absolutely. You can register an account at and complete this process yourself. It will cost US $99 which you can pay via credit card.

If you start the process and are having trouble, we are happy to support you at any stage – don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I use my existing account?

Yes, if you have an existing WeChat account you can connect it to WeTools to allow you to translate and post directly from WeTools. You will need to provide us with Admin access to allow us to connect your account to WeTools.

How often can I post on WeChat?

All WeChat Official Accounts have strict publishing limits. This helps WeChat keep content relevant and reduce ‘spam’ from businesses.

As an International business, you are required to have a Service account which means you can post 4x per calendar month. NOTE this is not weekly, but a total of 4x. Each post can contain up to 6 articles.

Articles can be up to 50,000 Chinese characters.

What is the difference between a post and an article?

An article is a long form content piece, like a blog post. It can contain images, embedded videos and has some html styling options. You can then create a post, by choosing one or more articles to batch together and publish.

A post is a group of articles that are published together.

What type of account can international businesses get?

There are two main types of WeChat accounts – subscription and service. International businesses can only get a service account.

What are the differences between WeChat account types?

A subscription account can post daily, but subscription accounts are grouped into a ‘subscriptions’ folder in WeChat so don’t get as much visibility.

Service accounts can post 4x a week (with up to 6 articles in each post), and every time a service account publishes, users get the same notification in WeChat they would get if a friend had sent them a direct message. This makes visibility and engagement much higher. Service accounts also have enhanced features like being able to connect to WeChat apps.

Can I post videos to WeChat?

Yes you can and we definitely encourage it! Videos in WeChat must be hosted in QQ – which is WeChat’s version of Youtube. QQ has a great video recommendation engine that helps your videos get extra exposure. Our onboarding team can set up a QQ account for you, to allow videos to be included in your posts.

Can I advertise on WeChat?

You can, however the traditional ad platform is generally not accessible to overseas businesses. Instead, we can assist you to run a Sponsored Content/Influencer campaign to reach a wider audience. Through WeTools, you can choose any of your articles to ‘Boost’ to your target audience, which our Onboarding team will help you define. We’ll help tailor a unique targeting strategy to your business, and you can choose how much budget you’d like to spend when boosting your articles.

Are certain businesses blocked from advertising?

Advertising laws in China mean certain types of content cannot be directly advertised in China. Some of these are similar to laws in Western countries too, such as those around medical claims, competition entries or over-exaggerated sales claims.

Businesses with an outright ban include:

  • Web portals
  • Advertising Merchants 
  • Healthcare providers
  • Tobacco products
  • Business services
  • Legal services
  • Personal overseas WeChat official accounts

Businesses with specific rules as to how they can advertise

  • Education – Universities must be specifically approved by WeChat
  • Banks – only those with domestic branches in China
  • Real Estate – only those with domestic offices
  • Online and Telecommunications – only those that operate domestically in China
  • Gaming – require approval from the Ministry of Culture
  • NGOs – must abide by the relevant provisions of the Law on the Administration of Domestic Activities of Non-Governmental Organizations Outside the People’s Republic of China and must provide a seal or signature of the letter of commitment

Despite not being under these categories, we have also found that WeChat  does not usually approve overseas businesses to get an Advertising account.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t promote to your target audience using WeChat. There are plenty of ways to advertise on WeChat without using its built in advertising platform. These include through WeChat influencers and groups.

Speak to us for the best way to advertise, build an audience and set up a targeting plan specific to your business, within WeChat’s terms and conditions (and the advertising rules in China).

Are certain words blocked on WeChat? 

Yes, there are a number of words you can’t use in China. In general, these sit under a few key themes:

  • Superlatives, that overstate product claims. For example ‘the best’, ‘most scientifically advanced’
  • Racist or offensive terminology
  • False advertising
  • Commenting on ongoing legal cases without using words like ‘allegedly’
  • Requiring clicks/likes/shares for competition entries or incentivising engagement
  • Linking to rival social media platforms like Weibo

Our translators are WeChat experts, who will carefully monitor not only the changing updates from WeChat on banned words, but will also ensure your content does not include banned words.

Why WeTools?

WeTools is your complete WeChat marketing toolkit. WeTools is a technology platform that allows you to create a verified WeChat account, upload, translate and publish content, grow your audience with advertising tools, report on your success and have complete control of your brand, marketing and messages in the Chinese market. Our suite of tools are designed to make WeChat marketing simple, easy and cost effective – all without any Chinese language required!

Learn more about our features here.

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