New platform empowers Global Brands to connect with Chinese consumers via WeChat

We’re very excited to share the official launch of WeTools – a game-changing new tool for marketers looking to engage with Chinese consumers through WeChat. WeTools is an automated WeChat content marketing platform which provides all the resources social media managers need to effectively communicate with this huge and potentially lucrative demographic, both in China and to members of the Chinese diaspora outside of China.

WeChat is the number one social media platform used in China and amongst Mandarin speakers all over the world. Due to the prohibition of other global sites, it is the only online offering that brands can use to grow their brand and engage with consumers in the world’s second-largest economy. Its functionality exceeds simply sharing and messaging; WeChat can be used to book taxis, bank online, pay in-store, and many brands use it as their virtual shopfront rather than creating a website. 

WeChat Statistics

  • Over 1.2 billion users log in to WeChat every day, and it has around 3 million users in Australia alone (1).
  • Middle class user demographic currently 400 million (2), by 2024 will be 600 million (3)
  • 38 billion messages are sent per day (4)
  • 20 million corporate accounts (4)
  • 98.5 per cent of people aged 50-80 use wechat (5)
  • E-commerce in China drives an average revenue per user (ARPU) which is expected to amount to US$1,206.30 (6) 
  • 50 million businesses in China use WeChat pay to drive e-commerce sales (7)


With many marketers outside of China struggling to navigate WeChat effectively until now, businesses are missing out on millions of dollars of potential revenue. Sydney-based digital marketer Harriet Geoghegan saw an opportunity to introduce people to WeChat and help them capitalise on the opportunities available, with a one size fits all tool for those looking to create content that resonates with this audience. 


To date, there have been two options for non-Mandarin speakers to tap into this market – either appointing an expert agency, which can be cost-prohibitive or use one of the existing technology platforms, but which still requires overseeing Chinese staff to translate and manage.


WeTools offers a hybrid, affordable alternative. A platform that hand-holds users through the creation of a WeChat account, translation of copy, scheduling and posting, and monitoring and responding to customers. All translators are NAATI certified, and as well as translation services, the team apply a cultural lens over the content, so users have peace of mind on the quality of the output to ensure the best engagement. 


Geoghegan, who identified a gap in the market for WeTools when working on a digital marketing campaign targeting Chinese buyers for a real estate development, comments, “With two-thirds of users accessing WeChat over ten times a day, brands not using it are missing out. To date, nailing marketing to the app’s subscribers has been a challenge for many outside China, with only a small number of experts fully across it.” 


“This is the first product of its kind in Australia. WeTools is giving brands an opportunity to communicate with this audience in a controlled and user-friendly way. From tourism to real estate to consumers goods, I want to give marketers the confidence to communicate via WeChat, and make it second-nature like running a Facebook account.”


The platform starts from just $199 + GST a month, with additional charges for translation services as required. For more information visit


About WeTools


WeTools, founded in 2020 is a one-size fits all automated platform to empower marketers in Australia to maximise the opportunities offered by WeChat, China’s number one social media platform. Founded by Harriet Geoghegan, who saw an opportunity to plug a gap in the market, the automated content marketing platform navigates users through the complex world of WeChat, in order to empower them to market effectively to this lucrative demographic.