Built In Translation

Write or upload your content, click the translate button, and our 100% human, NAATI certified translators will convert your post to Chinese. Our translators also interpret enquiries and messages, so you can respond to leads and prospects.


Download Your Translation

You’ll be able to download your translated content, in a line-by-line format so you can easily use it across your full suite of marketing collateral - from brochures, flyers, websites and more.

Auto Post to WeChat

When your translation is ready, schedule or publish your post automatically to WeChat. You can also send yourself a preview to see exactly how your post will look.


Post Designer

Plan the exact layout you want, from images to brand colours with the post designer.

Enquiry Interpreter

Your enquiries will be translated back and forth by our translation team, so you have complete control of the sales process.


Measure and Report

Built-in, live reporting lets you track and measure your audience, and provide beautiful reports to your colleagues.

Account Set Up

Don’t have a WeChat account? WeTools will manage the process for you - simply upload the required documents and we’ll get you all set up and approved by WeChat.


Grow your brand and followers

Build your audience with our growth tools. Boost any post in a few clicks to your target audience, for more engagement and increased followers. Our advertising team will work with you to set up the best audience targeting, so you can boost your content whenever you need to.

Automatic Real Estate Listings

Using our WeList product, Real Estate agents can simply drop in a link to an existing listing, and we’ll translate and post it to your own, branded account.


Cross-Channel Integrated Marketing

Our marketing strategists will help you integrate WeChat across all of your marketing channels. Every post also comes with a unique QR code, so you can drive engagement and followers from all your marketing channels.

Ready to give it a go?

Ready to give it a go?

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