With a growing middle class and strong economic growth, overseas education is one of the biggest sectors Chinese families invest in. China is the largest country of origin for international students, globally. This presents a great market opportunity for schools, universities, student accommodation providers, immigration agents and many more businesses in the global education sector. In many countries, education one of the most significant export markets, and international students are the biggest drivers of growth.

90% of Chinese students fund their education themselves, with the latest estimates suggesting there are over 660,000 Chinese students currently studying overseas – a number growing substantially every year. Some of the most popular destinations for studying overseas are the US, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Are you a education provider or support service wanting to target Chinese students?


How WeChat can help grow education businesses

    Reputation and branding are essential in helping international students choose your institution or service. University rankings, global perceptions of locations and universities and common assumptions are all highly influential. Further, it’s not just the student you need to convince, but their family too.

    WeChat helps you:

    • Showcase the quality of education in your location
    • Counter any misconceptions
    • Build trust with prospective students
    • Elevate your brand
    • Provide essential enrollment and application information
    • Give students information they can easily share with their families (remember, international websites are usually blocked)
    • Answer key FAQs
    • Showcase the lifestyle and location of your campus as a destination
    • Show that your are accommodating and understanding by giving students material in their language and preferred medium
    • Share stories of other Chinese students and their experiences
    • Support partner agents with the material they need to drive applications

    WeTools Features

    WeChat made easy! Everything you need to launch, manage and measure your WeChat success, without any Chinese language!

    Built In Translation

    Write or upload content, click the translate button, and our 100% human, NAATI certified translators will convert your post to Chinese. All translations have a maximum 72 hour turnaround but are usually complete within 24 hours (on business days).


    Download Translations

    You’ll be able to download your translated content, in a line-by-line format to easily use across other marketing channels or to offer translated creative to your clients.

    Auto Post to WeChat

    When your translation is ready, schedule or publish your post automatically to WeChat. You can also send yourself a preview to see exactly how your post will look.


    Post Designer

    Plan the exact layout you want, from images to brand colours with our post designer.

    Enquiry Interpreter

    Student enquiries will be translated back and forth by our translation team, so you have complete control of the answers and messages.


    Measure and Report

    Built-in, live reporting lets you track and measure your audience, and provide beautiful reports to your colleagues.

    Account Set Up

    Don’t have a WeChat account? WeTools will manage the process for you - simply upload the required documents and we’ll get you all set up and approved by WeChat.


    Grow your brand and followers

    Build your audience with our growth tools. Boost any post in a few clicks to your target audience, for more engagement and increased followers. Our advertising team will work with you to set up the best audience targeting, so you can boost your content whenever you need to.

    Multi channel marketing

    Every post comes with a unique QR code, so you can drive engagement and followers from all your marketing channels.


    Enhance Education Agent Campaigns

    By giving your agents Chinese marketing messages, it helps them seal the deal with their clients, arming them with the information their clients will need to choose your institution over other education opportunities.

    Build Trust with Chinese Students

    Trust is important, and choosing to study overseas is a huge decision. Without great information in Chinese, students tend to listen mostly to other students in their network. Posting regularly on WeChat allows investors to get to know you and trust that study, living with and trusting you will be the best choice for their future.


    Control your messaging

    Eliminate the risk of agents communicating incorrect information about costs, application processes or accommodation requirements. Take complete control of all Chinese messages in-market.

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